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A Wet Drive Home

We had a quiet 310 mile drive home in the rain. The rain was on and off and not difficult to handle. Good to be home after a great trip.


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Rainy Daze in Monterey

Swimming weedWhen we woke up this morning it was raining.  Not too much but enough that we knew that it would be an umbrella and rain coat day.  We had breakfast here at the Inn.  Another “all carb” breakfast.  Kinda a disappointment.  No cheese, eggs, just carbs. 

We headed up road in the rain for Monterey aquarium and cannery jelly fish5row. The following pictures speak for themselves.   We had a great time and then headed back for Carmel and wonderful lunch.  We ate at “Caty’s Café” and had a great breakfast for lunch.  We walked down to Ocean Blvd again and finally got all the shopping out of our system. 

penguin2Got back to our Inn and guess what?  Another nap.  We are going to a light dinner tonight at Brophy’s and then get ready for our drive home.  According to the weather forecast, rain all the way.  Talked to Jeff today and all is well at home.  Too short of a vacation but it was very nice.

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Day 2, Carmel

Without the cat to wake me up at 5 a.m., I woke up at 7:30 a.m..  The low ruble of the ocean was heard and theDSC_0006 sky was clear.  We got up, packed, and headed out to breakfast that was provided by the Sea Crest Hotel.  DSC_0001Unfortunately, the only thing negative about the stay was the breakfast.  A totally carb meal with fruit and all cold of course. Terrific view, good room,  helpful staff, but worthless breakfast. 

Libby and I walked to the cliff over the breach and enjoyed the ocean and then loaded the up the car.  We headed up to San Luis Obispo and filled with gas and drove west to Morro Bay and started up the famous Hiway 1 until we came to a sign at Cambria…road closed 80 miles ahead.  We found out that 40 feet of road fell into the Pacific.  Soooo, we turned around drove back to Paso Robles and hiway 101.  We were disappointed but DSC_0009it was better than driving 160 miles out of the way.  By the way, do you see Morro Rock in the distance more than 40 miles away??

We arrived at Carmel and our hotel at 1:30 p.m. The drive was beautiful in its own way through the bright green farming valley but, no Pacific Ocean.  Our room was not going to ready till 3 p.m. so we walkedDSC_0013 the 5 short blocks to ocean avenue and to the Dametra Café, with middle eastern food.  We had hummus with pita bread for a starter an then we had spiced beef, lettuce, and lots of other goodies in flat bread.  Add to that a big glass of Chardonnay each, and baklava for desert.  Good grief was that good!!!!  We found out later that it was the top restaurant in Carmel.  We then headed down the street and spent an hour in the DSC_0017very upscale shops.  Clocks for $5000 etc. 

Finally, we walked on back to the Wayfarer Inn and checked in and unpacked and took a nap.  Two full baths, a living room and a master bedroom.  Very nice. 

The sky has opened up again with the wet stuff.  According to the weather forecast, we will be in the rain all day tomorrow and Thursday as well on our drive home.  Oh well, it is spring.

We went out to a late dinner at Brophy’s Pub a 100 feet from our Inn.  What a great local pub.  Quiet, full, and great food.  We split a Club Sandwich made of bacon, smoked turkey, ham and avocado’s, tomatoes, and lettuce.  Very nice.  Great service.  Another wonderful day.   

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Day 1, Pismo Beach

DSC_0001It was still dark when I woke this morning and it was 37 degrees outside.  The Tehachapi mountains were covered from snow and we received 4 1/2 inches of rain at our house. 

We hit the road at 8:10 a.m. and headed down the Bouquet Canyon with a little rain but little traffic and drove down highway 126 with the fields full of ripening strawberries.  We stopped for a cup of coffee and sweet roll for breakfast and then went along the coast to Santa DSC_0012Barbara.  We went to a couple of stores with no luck but here came the rain.  We made it to the car and headed up to the San Marcos pass that received 10 inches of rain last night.  There was quite a few rock slides that has been picked up.  What a gorgeous ride.  Libby and I hiked up to a overlook.  If we didn’t know better, it was so green that it could have been Ireland.

We arrived for lunch at Solvang and had Denmark sausages and abelskibers.  We then headed up Hiway 101 to our ocean front hotel in Pismo Beach.  We checked DSC_0023in early, unpacked and took an hours’ nap.  Great room with a ocean view.  We then headed off to San Luis Obispo and did some walking and I got a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo light water proof jacket.  More rain to come.

Than  back to Pismo Beach.  We went to eat dinner at the “Cracked Crab.”   Libby had halibut in a cream sauce and I had halibut taco’s.  Great food on the DSC_0026beach.

We just watched the sun set and it was beautiful.  A really nice first day for us.

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Rain, Rain, Rain

DSC_0004We are due to head out tomorrow morning for the central coast and wow it has rained over 3 inches here in Palmdale today.  According to the weather forecast it is going to rain steadily up the coast for the next 10 days.  Guess we will not see the sun much.  It is possible that Highway 1 may be closed due to rock slides.  We are going to give it a shot.  Float with us.  It should be exciting.  Hope not too exciting!

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Spring Has Sprung in the Desert


thermoAs I look out across the Antelope Valley floor, I see the wild flowers popping out in mile long swatches.  Then I look out my back door and my thermometer shows a gorgeous 79 degrees.

Add to that my grass starting to green up and my fruit trees are are bursting out in blossoms.  We enjoy this time of the year and remember that in a few months it will be the desert again.  Our trip up the coast should be gorgeous. 

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GPS Added

Although I have a GPS in the RAV, I decided that for my birthday I would get a new one.  I love competition!  I’ve had two Garmin’s and they have been OK but beside getting us lost in NYC, they want $65.00 every year to upgrade the map.  Add to that a 4 inch screen and no updated traffic info and it was time to look else where.

After much research, I just ordered a 5 inch screen Tom Tom, with free yearly map upgrade and traffic update for less money than I paid for my last Garmin.  I will keep you informed if it was a good choice.  Next week I will get the oil changed and check out the RAV.  Less than a 1000 miles but better safe than sorry.  Trip 1 for the year getting close.

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