Day 2, Carmel

23 Mar

Without the cat to wake me up at 5 a.m., I woke up at 7:30 a.m..  The low ruble of the ocean was heard and theDSC_0006 sky was clear.  We got up, packed, and headed out to breakfast that was provided by the Sea Crest Hotel.  DSC_0001Unfortunately, the only thing negative about the stay was the breakfast.  A totally carb meal with fruit and all cold of course. Terrific view, good room,  helpful staff, but worthless breakfast. 

Libby and I walked to the cliff over the breach and enjoyed the ocean and then loaded the up the car.  We headed up to San Luis Obispo and filled with gas and drove west to Morro Bay and started up the famous Hiway 1 until we came to a sign at Cambria…road closed 80 miles ahead.  We found out that 40 feet of road fell into the Pacific.  Soooo, we turned around drove back to Paso Robles and hiway 101.  We were disappointed but DSC_0009it was better than driving 160 miles out of the way.  By the way, do you see Morro Rock in the distance more than 40 miles away??

We arrived at Carmel and our hotel at 1:30 p.m. The drive was beautiful in its own way through the bright green farming valley but, no Pacific Ocean.  Our room was not going to ready till 3 p.m. so we walkedDSC_0013 the 5 short blocks to ocean avenue and to the Dametra Café, with middle eastern food.  We had hummus with pita bread for a starter an then we had spiced beef, lettuce, and lots of other goodies in flat bread.  Add to that a big glass of Chardonnay each, and baklava for desert.  Good grief was that good!!!!  We found out later that it was the top restaurant in Carmel.  We then headed down the street and spent an hour in the DSC_0017very upscale shops.  Clocks for $5000 etc. 

Finally, we walked on back to the Wayfarer Inn and checked in and unpacked and took a nap.  Two full baths, a living room and a master bedroom.  Very nice. 

The sky has opened up again with the wet stuff.  According to the weather forecast, we will be in the rain all day tomorrow and Thursday as well on our drive home.  Oh well, it is spring.

We went out to a late dinner at Brophy’s Pub a 100 feet from our Inn.  What a great local pub.  Quiet, full, and great food.  We split a Club Sandwich made of bacon, smoked turkey, ham and avocado’s, tomatoes, and lettuce.  Very nice.  Great service.  Another wonderful day.   

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