Rainy Daze in Monterey

24 Mar

Swimming weedWhen we woke up this morning it was raining.  Not too much but enough that we knew that it would be an umbrella and rain coat day.  We had breakfast here at the Inn.  Another “all carb” breakfast.  Kinda a disappointment.  No cheese, eggs, just carbs. 

We headed up road in the rain for Monterey aquarium and cannery jelly fish5row. The following pictures speak for themselves.   We had a great time and then headed back for Carmel and wonderful lunch.  We ate at “Caty’s Café” and had a great breakfast for lunch.  We walked down to Ocean Blvd again and finally got all the shopping out of our system. 

penguin2Got back to our Inn and guess what?  Another nap.  We are going to a light dinner tonight at Brophy’s and then get ready for our drive home.  According to the weather forecast, rain all the way.  Talked to Jeff today and all is well at home.  Too short of a vacation but it was very nice.

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Posted by on March 24, 2011 in California, Driving, weather


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