Traveling Retired is Different

06 Jul

OldyWhen you are working and/or have small kids, traveling long distances by car is difficult if not impossible.  Rushing down the interstate with the kids yelling, “Are we there yet?” isn’t much fun.

Now, being retired, time is less of an issue.  Libby and I can leave when we want and go where we want.  Don’t get me wrong, we have lots of things that we are involved with around home that call us when we are on the road but not as loud a call as a job or little kids in the back seat.

Another difference in traveling retired is the daily distance we travel.  In the old days I could drive 700-850 miles a day but no more.  We now like to keep our days to 550 miles a day with multiple stops every day.  That comes out to be about 10-11 hours a day including the stops.

Finally, one might think that after 35 years of marriage, two people wouldn’t have much left to talk about.  Seems like it is just the opposite.  We end up chattering about just about everything on the road. 

Won’t be long long now and we will be off again!


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