Minnesota Driving Trip 2011-Day -3

22 Jul

Getting close and to be candid, wish we could leave today but, need to pull some imageweeds, run some errands, and make sure all is ready.  We are going to our friends 5 year old’s birthday party tonight. 

imageYesterday I finally fixed a leaky toilet that has been driving us nuts for 6 months.  Had to rebuild the interior.  I wouldn’t be too surprised if no one ever read my travel blog again after my “exciting” info on weeds and toilets!

Enough of that.  Looks like the weather is going to be in the mid-to high 80’s with periodic thunderstorms all the way to Minnesota.  As long as there is not high winds or hail I can take it.   Been talking to my family back in Minnesota and they say the humidity and some of the heat has disappeared.  Hope it stays away while we are there.  Fat chance.  

Time for breakfast. 

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