Minnesota Driving 2011 Day -2

23 Jul

Just finished packing my suitcase.  Tomorrow is the computer/electronics case, and final checkout of the car.  Then tomorrow evening start loading the car.  Out of the house on Monday at 6 a.m. and a quick stop at Wal-Mart for ice and a lite breakfast at McD’s.  Hopefully on the road by 6:30 a.m..

I got up this morning and started working on our next trip to Europe in April/May of next year.  I always am planning three trips ahead.  Oh by the way, here is a great web-site/book on how to travel in Europe.  The author keeps it up to date and really good.  enjoy!  We have been to Europe 11 times and I am still learning a lot reading it.

Libby is doing great too on preparing for the trip.  Jeff, Alexis and the kids are coming over today to go over the what to watch for here at the house while we are gone.  Think we will go out and get a real Mexican meal tonight.

Just got a call from Debbie Grussing.  She said there is plenty of cabins available at the lake next week and we could stay Thursday night there for $100.00 a night.  Just checked and it won’t work for us as we have a non-refundable room at a motel in Perham.  Oh well.

Debbie also said they had a wild storm at Dead Lake this morning.  It was bad enough that the a patio cover was ripped off and was last seen flying by their trailer where they stay.  Oh goodie!!!!

More tomorrow. 

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