Driving Minnesota, 2011 – Day 1

26 Jul

mel desertWe woke up about 0520 and noticed it was still 80 outside with lots of humidity and clouds!  We packed up the car, headed off to Wal-Mart for ice and a light McD’s breakfast.  We pulled on the 14 freeway at 0704.  We pulled off the 15 freeway four states later in Fillmore, Utah at 1800 and 514 miles later.

Filled the car up with gas twice.  The Home to Vegas run was 33.6 mpg and the Vegas to Fillmore was 29.2 mpg.  The last run was over 5 mountain passes with the highest being 6800 feet.  It was 104 in Vegas and 108 in Mesquite, NV and 78 when we arrived in Fillmore.  Hit light rain a couple of times. 

lib fillmoreravensWe stopped several times after 2 hours on the road.  One was at the rest stop in the California Desert.  It was hot and there were 4 pairs of ravens who lived off the garbage cans.  They looked healthy.

Hey guess what we saw for the first time in our lives? Nearly every billboard in Nevada has added a solar panel for lights at night. Great idea.

We stopped for lunch in St George, Utah at the Cracker Barrel.  Mmmm,fillmore3 Beef Stew and corn bread, our favorite.  We then stopped in Cedar City, Utah and bought fried chicken, potato salad, and fruit for our picnic dinner in the Fillmore. 

Now a shower and shave and to bed early.  Want to be out of here by 630 tomorrow.

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