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Brother’s Traveling Together 2011, Day -50

dave deak lake in boatI know that Lib and I just got back from a 17 day 4640 mile driving trip but so what?  My brother Dav is flying in and we are heading off on a driving trip.  It is a driving trip of memories.  Forty plus years ago Dav was an airman at Vandenberg AFB and lived in Santa Maria and Lompoc in central California.  He has been back so guess where our first stops will be?

Then up the coast to Portland, Oregon to visit cousins he hasn’t seen for many years.  We then head along the mighty Columbia River to visit cousin Vern who we grew up with.  He is a retired forest ranger who knows where all the steelhead lie in the beautiful Idaho rivers.   Three days on the river, talking about the old days, and good days to come. 

Home down the two lanes roads with stops at who knows where.  Can’s wait to get started.  Come along with us in only 50 days.

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Minnesota Driving 2011, Day 17

Home at Last!

Made it home at 1200.  Good to be here.  Great trip of 4660 miles.

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Driving Minnesota 2011, Day 16

Wednesday Morning 38-Afternoon 110, Heber City Balloons, Beaver City Cheese, Vegas Crazy Traffic.

We got up a at 0530 in Evanston, Wyoming, 6500 feet at 38 degrees brrr!  By 1400 in Mesquite, NV it was 110 degrees.  Same day.  Pant, pant.

balloon2We were driving through one of our favorite all heber5time cities in the United States, Heber City, Utah and the hot air balloons were everywhere.  A beautiful place.

A great way to bypass the Salt Lake City traffic with balloons to boots. 

cheezeAs we headed down the gorgeous state of Utah, we stopped in Beaver City, UT.  We went into their cheese factory where we had the best Gouda Cheese in the world…yes we’ve had the Dutch gouda…in Holland.  The Beaver City cheese is made from the beaverlocal milk.  The area around Beaver City is beautiful.beaver2

Milk was rolling into the factory as we sat under the trees eating the cheese.  What a way to live. 

When we hit Las Vegas, the traffic was crazy.  A lady on a cell phone doing 60 mph in 6 lanes of traffic one way nearly side swiped a car.  Libby had a near heart attack.  We are staying at the South Point Hotel…a new hotel on the outskirts of Las Vegas.  Very nice.  Tomorrow home. 

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Minnesota Driving Day 15, Tuesday

Longest Day, Crash, 8640 feet

We left North Platte, NB at 0510 as we wanted to knock off the 575 miles and be in Evanston, Wyoming by 1630 but it was not too be.  We climbed all day and and hit the highest pass at 8640. All things were going well and we stopped in Rawlins, Wyoming for a noon meal.  We ran into a tiny restaurant, the Cloverleaf Café.  It had a mixture of Mexican food and Navaho tacos which we had.  Delicious! 

crash3We got on interstate 80 and about 20 milescrash2 out…in the middle of nowhere…all traffic stopped.  We found out from the truckers that there was a major accident with a brush fire.  Two hours minimum be for we would move.

It was about 83 degrees with a nice breeze so it wasn’t bad at all and after about an hour, off we went.  The traffic slowly stepped up and we finally got to Evanston, Wyoming at 1830.  Nearly two hours late but all in one piece. Lots of trucks.  Should be better tomorrow.

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Minnesota Driving 2011, Day 14

Monday, Trip Home, 400 miles two lane

We were up at 0530 and left at 0550 and hit our first and only detour at Clara City on HI way 23.  We went through Sacred Heart and then on to the North Platte, Nebraska.  It was about 550 miles with 400 of them on two lane roads. 

Our complete day was surrounded by motorcycles.  The Sturgis Rally is on and the bikes were coming in from every directions.  Quite a sight.

sand hill1 sand hill2

We had our main meal at Valentine, Nebraska and especially enjoyed our ride through the Sand Hills of Nebraska.  We never would have believed how green they are.  

We ended up in North Platte, NB at 1730.  I just got back from a two mile walk to get some fresh fruit for our light dinner meal.  Hope to sleep good tonight and then another early start tomorrow.  We are climbing and should be through the high plains of Wyoming…7000 ft.…tomorrow.

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Minnesota Driving 2011, Day 13

Sunday, Aunt Ruth, and Getting Ready to Trip Home.

It won’t be long now.  We just finished supper…baked potatoes and hot dogs…packed the car with everything but the computer bag and the cosmetic bags.

We plan on leaving here at 0600 and plan on getting coffee on the road then breakfast later.  If all things go right, 530 miles tomorrow with 400 on 2-lane HI ways.  Should be fun.

cropsNow back to today.  Up at 0705, breakfast and a 40 minute walk.  After dinner(lunch) Libby and I headed to Willmar and got the car washed, filled tires with air and car with gas.  Then off to Wal-Mart for ice and snacks.  Finally the bank for cash.  Oh yes, about 82 today with about 82% humidity.  Sticky but the corn and beans love it.

Ready for the trip home.


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Minnesota Driving 2011, Day 12

Saturday, Humidity, Dave and Kathy, Kentucky Fried, Crops, Deer

Up at 0645 for breakfast and then off for a walk in the stifling humidity.  They say a cold front is coming through Minnesota that will cool things down.

Dave and Kathy came over about 1030 and we visited and then headed off to Willmar for Kentucky Fried Chicken buffet.  Then back homedeer and the folks took a nap and we visited with Dav and Kathy.

After supper we decided to take a drive in the country.  We drove to Dad and Mom’s 40 acres and what did we see but two deer.  The fawn dove into the greenery and hid. The other watched us very carefully!


eightyThe crops were beautiful on the land.  One can see why the people love to farm here.

We drove around the rich country-side anddad and mom ended up where I went to church as a small child.  A country church called Bunde.  Dad and Mom will be buried there.  A very beautiful place.


A peaceful end of the day.

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