Minnesota Driving 2011, Day 12

08 Aug

Saturday, Humidity, Dave and Kathy, Kentucky Fried, Crops, Deer

Up at 0645 for breakfast and then off for a walk in the stifling humidity.  They say a cold front is coming through Minnesota that will cool things down.

Dave and Kathy came over about 1030 and we visited and then headed off to Willmar for Kentucky Fried Chicken buffet.  Then back homedeer and the folks took a nap and we visited with Dav and Kathy.

After supper we decided to take a drive in the country.  We drove to Dad and Mom’s 40 acres and what did we see but two deer.  The fawn dove into the greenery and hid. The other watched us very carefully!


eightyThe crops were beautiful on the land.  One can see why the people love to farm here.

We drove around the rich country-side anddad and mom ended up where I went to church as a small child.  A country church called Bunde.  Dad and Mom will be buried there.  A very beautiful place.


A peaceful end of the day.

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