Minnesota Driving 2011, Day 13

08 Aug

Sunday, Aunt Ruth, and Getting Ready to Trip Home.

It won’t be long now.  We just finished supper…baked potatoes and hot dogs…packed the car with everything but the computer bag and the cosmetic bags.

We plan on leaving here at 0600 and plan on getting coffee on the road then breakfast later.  If all things go right, 530 miles tomorrow with 400 on 2-lane HI ways.  Should be fun.

cropsNow back to today.  Up at 0705, breakfast and a 40 minute walk.  After dinner(lunch) Libby and I headed to Willmar and got the car washed, filled tires with air and car with gas.  Then off to Wal-Mart for ice and snacks.  Finally the bank for cash.  Oh yes, about 82 today with about 82% humidity.  Sticky but the corn and beans love it.

Ready for the trip home.


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