Driving Minnesota 2011, Day 16

11 Aug

Wednesday Morning 38-Afternoon 110, Heber City Balloons, Beaver City Cheese, Vegas Crazy Traffic.

We got up a at 0530 in Evanston, Wyoming, 6500 feet at 38 degrees brrr!  By 1400 in Mesquite, NV it was 110 degrees.  Same day.  Pant, pant.

balloon2We were driving through one of our favorite all heber5time cities in the United States, Heber City, Utah and the hot air balloons were everywhere.  A beautiful place.

A great way to bypass the Salt Lake City traffic with balloons to boots. 

cheezeAs we headed down the gorgeous state of Utah, we stopped in Beaver City, UT.  We went into their cheese factory where we had the best Gouda Cheese in the world…yes we’ve had the Dutch gouda…in Holland.  The Beaver City cheese is made from the beaverlocal milk.  The area around Beaver City is beautiful.beaver2

Milk was rolling into the factory as we sat under the trees eating the cheese.  What a way to live. 

When we hit Las Vegas, the traffic was crazy.  A lady on a cell phone doing 60 mph in 6 lanes of traffic one way nearly side swiped a car.  Libby had a near heart attack.  We are staying at the South Point Hotel…a new hotel on the outskirts of Las Vegas.  Very nice.  Tomorrow home. 

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