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Brother’s Traveling-2011, Day -7

Wow, a week away and things look like we are about ready.  No new information to share other than I love traveling.  Lets see, 75% of the trip on two lane HI ways, in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada.  Ocean, mountains, valley’s, and deserts.  Follow us.

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Brother’s Traveling 2011, Day -11

melIts been a long time since I wrote on this blog.  39 days to be exact.  After Libby and I got home from our Minnesota driving trip we got really busy around here.  You know how that goes.  We have had 5 weeks of real desert summer weather…most days over 100…and our college basketball team is getting rolling full blast.  As usual, I am at every practice and enjoying drive to the beginning of the season.  If you have any interest on sports at all take a look at;

Brother Dave is totally ready for the trip and I am getting there.  The car is ready, the maps have been printed out.  The Tom-Tom GPS maps are updated and ready to go.  Should be fun.  Talking to Vern and the Steelhead and Salmon are biting.  Well, must sign off for now.  Look prepared don’t I?

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