Brothers Traveling Together 2011…Day 4

10 Oct

001We had a great trip to Vern and Kathy’s003 home.  Pretty much all 2 lane all the way. It was dark when we left Portland and we headed up the Colombia River.   up, it was clear that it reminded me of the Rhine River in Germany but about 3 times as wide.  Libby and I stayed on the Rhine in an apartment for two weeks last year.  Dave and I noticed that there were many vineyards on the Washington side of the Columbia River and other crops on the Oregon side. 

008As we made it up the Colombia, we saw a sign for Walla Walla, Washington wow, it was a surprise and a joy.  Great food, wine, onions and great weather.  The town has two colleges, a minor league league baseball team the “Sweets”, many candy and wine009 stores.  A real find.

We passed through about 5 small villages in the countryside before we reached the Idaho borders.  We got our fishing licenses and then headed out to Vern and Kathy’s gorgeous river home.


It is a beautiful location.  After a long visit, Vern started the BBQ and fresh salmon went on the grill.  With that we had fresh tomatoes and lettuce out of the garden, home made rice, and finished the meal off with a fresh baked rhubarb piece alamode. 020

We all talked into the evening and then headed up road to their “boat house” where we slept.  What a  fun day.

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