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Poland/Switzerland 2012, Day 7, To Switzerland!

poland switzerland 2012 003I am writing this as I sit in the Warsaw airport. We are waiting for the KLM flight to Amsterdam.  Here is Marisa and Alex waiting and of course, Alex is already eating his sandwich.  Hungry.

This may be the last blog for a few days as our apartment is without Wi-Fi.  Maybe we can find a hot spot somewhere.  I am experiencing a bit of a GI upset but not too bad.  I’m sure you all wanted to know that. 

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Poland/Switzerland 2012, Church, Packing for Switzerland, Day 6

poland switzerland 2012 015Our first Sunday in Poland and we went to church with the kids.  Very nice and friendly.  We headed after church to a Turkish restaurant and then home to take our nap.  I was 90 degrees again today so I waited to take my walk till nearly 7 pm. 

We packed our suitcases with 60 high and 40 low in Switzerland in mind.   Quiet a difference.  Heading to the Warsaw airport at 11 am and off to Amsterdam, Holland.  We then board another plane for Geneva, Switzerland around 6 pm.  Get our rental car and to our apartment on lake Geneva.  Should be fun. 

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Poland/Switzerland, Day 5, Soccer and Old Town

poland switzerland 2012 009Up early and out to the soccer field with Alex.  Gorgeous weather again.  Luke and Alex are gettingpoland switzerland 2012 006 ready for the game. 

We headed home and it looks like everybody is outdoors today.  They suffered indoors all winter.  I made ham and eggs for lunch and now getting ready for a nap and then to a great park and a for a treat tonight.  Should be fun. 

poland switzerland 2012 020The park was gorgeous.  The flowers werepoland switzerland 2012 032 bursting out all over and the people were really happy.  So were the peacocks.  Finished off the day with ice crème. 

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Poland/Switzerland 2012, Day 4–Downtown Warsaw

Near 85 degrees today.  A tad of “jet lag” but not bad.  Gorgeous weather.  Had good Thai food in Warsaw for lunch.  Globalization. 

Met with Uncle George tonight.  He is doing well.  Up this morning with with big Alex.  It was fun.  Tomorrow Alex’s soccer game. 

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Poland/Switzerland Day 3, Poland

poland 2012 035You won’t believe it but we slept 9 hours last night.  Feel like a million bucks today.  Add  to that, it is 70 degrees out and gorgeous.  Here are the girls sitting outside in the kids back garden eating lunch.

We unpacked and then headed off grocery shopping after we brought Alex to school this morning.  Think I will take a nap this afternoon. 

Nice long walk to the nursery.  Alex was on his bike and we walked in the 75 degree weather.  Risa is making pasta tonight and we are are hoping that jet lag is not here tonight.  Tomorrow, shopping for the ladies. 

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Poland/Switzerland 2012, Day 2 -Terrible Flight!

We flew British Air coach and were in the “cattle car” section.  The seats were so close together that my knees touched the seat ahead of me and I and 5’10”.  Little or no padding in the seats.  The service on the flight was good and the food was airline quality level.

Libby and I got little or no sleep.  We hit approximately 2 hours of turbulence in the 9 1/2 hours in the air.  The worst was when dinner was served.  I had no dinner but Libby did well. 

I am now writing this in the terminal 3 of Heathrow airport in London.  It is cool and raining hard here.  Enough as we have a 4 hour layover for our flight to Warsaw.  More later.

We left London about 30 minutes late but made up the time on the way to Warsaw.  Marisa and Alex were waiting for us at the airport and it was sunny and 60 degrees.  I slept nearly all the way to Warsaw. 

Marisa made some chili.  mmm that was good.  Alex is big!!!!

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BA Flight to London


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