Poland/Switzerland 2012, Day 2 -Terrible Flight!

25 Apr

We flew British Air coach and were in the “cattle car” section.  The seats were so close together that my knees touched the seat ahead of me and I and 5’10”.  Little or no padding in the seats.  The service on the flight was good and the food was airline quality level.

Libby and I got little or no sleep.  We hit approximately 2 hours of turbulence in the 9 1/2 hours in the air.  The worst was when dinner was served.  I had no dinner but Libby did well. 

I am now writing this in the terminal 3 of Heathrow airport in London.  It is cool and raining hard here.  Enough as we have a 4 hour layover for our flight to Warsaw.  More later.

We left London about 30 minutes late but made up the time on the way to Warsaw.  Marisa and Alex were waiting for us at the airport and it was sunny and 60 degrees.  I slept nearly all the way to Warsaw. 

Marisa made some chili.  mmm that was good.  Alex is big!!!!

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