Poland/Switzerland, Day 10…Interlaken and the Real Alps

04 May

Neither one of us slept too well last night.   Why? Who knows.  Up at 7poland switzerland 2012 006 a.m. and off at 8 a.m. on the longest day of our trip so far.  We drove somewhere around 200 miles today in a circle route. The weather was clear and warm.  We could see the  Alps from top to bottom.  

We headed into the heart of the Alps in the south and west part of Switzerland.  We came close to the Italian and French borders poland switzerland 2012 023on the trip. 

All of the outdoor persons were out in force especially on their Para-gliders.  The flowers were were everywhere and and it was a great day.  We stopped at a Chateau that was surrounded by vineyards whose leaves were just bursting out.

poland switzerland 2012 026The most interesting was a ride on a train with our car that went through a 7 mile long tunnel through a mountain range.  The tunnel was completely dark the whole way.  What a daypoland switzerland 2012 038 in Switzerland that we found a few words for;  dandelions, mountains, cows, and tunnels.  It also had the best roads we have ever seen. 

Tomorrow back to Poland. 

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One response to “Poland/Switzerland, Day 10…Interlaken and the Real Alps

  1. Irene M. Kuser

    May 5, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    Wow! It looks fabulous and sounds fabulous! Great pictures! Nice to see you all together. Back here in the states we are having a big night tonight…………the moon is going to look 15% larger and 33% brighter. Happens very little! Last night the moon was so bright it lit up the forest floor. Pretty cool stuff! Have a great time! talk to you soon! Ren


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