Poland/Switzerland, Day 7, 8…Montrose, Switzerland

04 May

poland switzerland 2012 003We landed in Geneva, Switzerland last evening…I mean thumped in and the majority of the passengers were green.  The flight path from Amsterdam climbs over the Alps and then the plane dives into a valley that is surrounded by huge mountain ranges on both sides and ends with a wall of rock.  The winds throw the plane around as it maneuvers at the end of the valley… plane turns…and then it bounces in for a landing in the rain.  Luke, Risa, and Alex are running in the rain toward the rental car building.  

It was in the low 40’s F and cloudy.  For the first time in 7 days, were poland switzerland 2012 005were dressed correctly in coats and warm clothes.  We rented a van and loaded up and headed off along Geneva Lake for 50 miles or so and made a stop at the COOP grocery store for tea, bread, cheese, yogurt’s and milk for breakfast. That really tasted good this morning.

We had a GPS from Luke and Marisa’s friend and it took us right to our apartment overlooking the lake and the Alps.  What a view this morning.  A camera cannot take it all in. 

We unpacked in the 3 bed room apartment and I made a pot of soup with fresh bread and of course a sweet.  Slept well last night. 

We really got a good view of our apartment this morning.

poland switzerland 2012 010 poland switzerland 2012 013

Great place to live for 5 days. 

After breakfast we headed out for a long day!  First to the Castle Chillon.  Built back in the 12th century it was a great tour.poland switzerland 2012 016

We then headed off to Gruyere about 30 miles from our apartment.  We toured a cheese factory, a chocolate factory and ate a $105 lunch.  Switzerland is not  cheap place to eat out.  Nice lunch though. 

poland switzerland 2012 054

The cheese factory is a special place as it was where the first Gruyere cheese was made.  It is a powerful and delicious cheese.  The cows that provide the milk are all around poland switzerland 2012 060the factory.

We then headed off to the famous Nestle chocolate factory.  My stomach hurts.  Great tour with as much chocolate a human could eat. 

Finally home again and grocery shopping for the next 4 days.  Happy birthday daughter Marisa.  We enjoyed spending you B-day with you in Switzerland. 

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