Poland/Switzerland, Day 9…Bern, Rude Waitress,Special Dinner

04 May

We woke up to the singing of a 1000 birds this morning even though, the sky was overcast and the Alps had disappeared in the clouds.  Even part of the lake was covered with the clouds. 

poland switzerland 2012 016We ate a light breakfast and loaded up in the car and jumped on the autobahn and headed to Bern(Bear in French).  The closer we got to Bern, the more it cleared up.   Berne is the capital of Switzerland and it showed.  Very sophisticated and old.  We toured the gothic cathedral and it was under construction but looked perfect to us.  Built in the 1400’s out of grey stone and oak.  

About 11 am we decided to have a cup of coffee and stopped in a small café.  We sat down and thepoland switzerland 2012 028 waitress came up and we ordered 4 cups of coffee and a hot chocolate.  She insisted rudely that we must order lunch or no coffee.  poland switzerland 2012 038We insisted nicely we wanted coffee only.  Finally the standoff ended up with for us getting our coffee and chocolate for 5 and the bill was $32.00.  Yep, $32.00 instead of the $140 with lunch/coffee.  Bring money to to eat out in Switzerland.   

We headed out of Bern and stopped in the Freiburg and lunch that wepoland switzerland 2012 053 had packed.  We ate it under a fountain that was build in 1526 and watched the world go by.  Home again to our apartment for a nap and when we woke the sky had completely cleared and the Alps were stunning.

We headed out to the special restaurant that served Marisa’s birthday dinner.  The restaurant “Le Museum” was poland switzerland 2012 051in a basement and it’s specialty was potatoes au gratin made with 10 different cheeses.   It was delicious and not soon to be forgotten.

We then headed down to the lake and took a long walk among the flower gardens and we let Alex run and play with new found friends.  A terrific day in Switzerland.   


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