Poland/Switzerland 2012-Final Day

10 May

poland switzerland 2012 005I am composing this on the final flight…London to Los Angeles…and according to the map we are above Hudson Bay in Canada and have 5 hours and 30 minutes left before we land.  Libby and I have dozed on an off the last few hours as the flight so far has been very smooth.

Looking back, we had 8 flights on this trip;  1.  LA to London, 2. London to Warsaw, 3. Warsaw to Amsterdam, 4.  Amsterdam to Geneva, 5.  Geneva to Amsterdam, 6.  Amsterdam to Warsaw, 7.  Warsaw to London, and finally 8.  London to LA.  Quite a trip.  None of them was comfortable either, with the first flight LA to London on British Air leading the worst of all flights.  No leg or seat room at all.  Flying coach now days is much worse than a Grey Hound bus.  Enough complaining.

We got up at 4:45 am this morning and Risa took us to the airport.  Nopoland switzerland 2012 018 problems except we had a very short time between flights at London.  Made it but we had to move very fast.

If we make it to LA early as the pilot says we will, we might make it on the Airport express at 3 pm instead of 5:30 pm.  Please, please, please!!!! 

I have a cold that I got in one of flights back from Switzerland.  My ears completely plugged up upon landing in London.  Libby thinks she is getting it now.  We are taking ZiCam spray in hopes it decreases the severity and length of the cold.  We will see.

Finally, beside the flights and colds, our 11th trip to Europe was great!  Especially seeing the family and touring one of the most beautiful countries in the world;  Switzerland.  It will be good to get home though.  Less than 5 hours to LA.

We are home.  Been up 23 hours.  Ready for bed.  



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