Hawaii 2012, Day -3

02 Aug

Woke up this morning at 0515 thinking about our pending Hawaii trip.  In 1985, Libby and I went to Hawaii for the first time together for a belated honeymoon.  We had been married 8 years and Marisa was 7 years old and Jeff was 4.  We so appreciated that Libby’s Mom and her sister agreed to take care of the kids for the 8 days we were gone.  We had never left them behind before.

Looking back into my memory banks from 28 years ago, here are the thing that are as clear now as they were when they occurred;

  • The smell of the flowers when we got off the plane in Honolulu and the warm trade winds blowing through the open airport. 
  • Playing golf in a tropical squall on the North Shore of Oahu. 
  • Hamburgers and French fries  were $8.00 for each of us at the Turtle Bay Hilton.  I was horrified.
  • Libby remembers losing 100 golf balls in the lava rocks on a golf course on the Big Island.   

It was a unforgettable trip.

Over the years we have traveled to Hawaii 7 or 8 times with the kids, with friends, and by ourselves. We have stayed on four of the Islands.  In fact, Marisa our daughter was married in Hawaii and the wedding party stayed in the condo complex that we are staying at on this trip.  Great memories.

Now were are getting ready to make some more great memories of Hawaii as we travel again to Hawaii with Jeff, Alexis and the grand kids.  Travel with us on our blog.  

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