Hawaii 2012 Day 2.1

06 Aug

Vacationing on the most isolated island archipelago in the world,  the roosters starting crowing about 4 a.m..  I know all of this because I was awake feeling the trade wind wafting through our condo windows.  The smell of tropical foliage was on the breeze and I was wide-awake as I had fallen asleep about 8:30 pm Hawaii time.  Its still dark outside so the visual senses take a back seat to the sounds and smell of Hawaii this early in the morning.  The rest of the family is all still sleeping and I added another smell to the Hawaii experience, brewed a aromatic pot of coffee.

Jeff and I are heading out about 6 a.m. this morning to get some food for breakfast.  The market opens at that time as it was closed all day Sunday when we arrived.  Not special plans today as we will get the grandkids acclimatized to paradise. 

This place really brings back memories as we stayed here in two condos for Marisa and Luke’s wedding.  I was still working so must have been at least been 12 or more years ago.  I am sure Risa will write me how long ago it was after she reads this.  More soon. 

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