Hawaii 2012 Day 3.2

08 Aug

Busy day!  Off to the west and a stop at Matsumoto’s shaved ice.  Obama stopped there a few months ago and I guess it is the most famous shaved ice place in the world.  Then up the road to the Dole pineapple plantation.  They have really improved that place of the year.  World’s biggest maze that Bailey loved.  Bought a pineapple right out of the field. 

We then stopped on the way home at the famous Ted’s Bakery.  It does have great bake goods but it’s the plate lunches that they stand in line for.  We bought our plate lunches and took them home and the meals were so large that we finished them up tonight.  Two meals. 

Then to the pool and a refreshing swim.  Jeff and Alexis took a four mile walk and saw the sea turtles and a large seal.  Then to grocery shopping.  Finally its getting ready for bed time.  A real tourista day.

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