A Smile And a “Close Enough”

23 Aug

2012-08-22 19.20.49With the heat wave of 25+ days over 100 degrees  broken, Libby and I headed off to the fair.  It was a balmy 88 when we arrived there at 6 pm and after slow walk through the sights, sounds, and smells of the food booths, we decided on the  sausage sandwich with onions, peppers, and mustard.  Not healthy of course but it was the fair!

Growing up on the farm in Minnesota, the first thing we had to do was head to the animal barns.  Our two favorite animals are the goats and the pigs.  Why?  I think its because of their personalities.  The goats just want to know who you are and the pigs want their ears scratched.  2012-08-22 19.17.38

We headed to the photo exhibits, the vegetable’s, and the household section.  We were really glad to see that a friend of ours who had lost her husband of life time this year had won a second place trophy for her table setting.  Life must go on although Tom will always be with her and us.

We stopped at a candy pavilion…yep more bad stuff, and ordered a half pound of peanut brittle for $5.00.  The shop owner filled up a bag with the candy and weighed it…just over a pound.  It said to him, “A little too much, only a 1/2 a pound please.”  He said with a smile, “I know.”  “Close enough, as he took my $5.00 bill.”  That smile was pervasive in the crowds as they enjoyed the cooler weather, the food, and the sights.  A wonderful stop along the way.  

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