Three Olfactory Joys

25 Aug

Smells. Smells. Its what the Doc’s call olfactory ability.  They say that without the ability to smell, the food you eat would not have much taste.  Today was a day that my olfactory abilities were in full use. 

Fresh Tomatoes  I went out and picked a couple of meals of fresh tomatoes.  Does any vegetable/fruit have any better smell than a tomato from your garden?  2012-08-23 12.22.03

New Car Smell  Our 12 year old Honda was taken over by our daughter and her family for their sabbatical year here in the States.  It was time to replace it with a new one for Libby.  We drove it down to Valencia on the mountains roads(Bouquet Canyon Rd) to see how the new Honda Accord ran.  Oh yea and some great pasta at Chi Chi’s.  Its not a sports car but its just what Libby needs. Nothing like the smell of a new car. 

Coffee Freshly Ground  A few months ago we purchased a Breville coffee maker that grinds the coffee beans for each pot/cup.  The taste and smell of coffee this way is unbelievable.  Remember when the medical profession said coffee was “poison?”   Now they say its great for you. 

Three Olfactory Joys.  A great day.

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