Party Talk

26 Aug

An eye opener weekend.

Most of the party goers were in their 30’s and 40’s with young kids.  A few retired couples. They were white, Hispanic, and Syrian-American and other mixes.  Some were catholic, protestants, and a few were not religious.  They were there to celebrate a birthday of a mutual friend and were acquaintances but not close friends.

Similarities?  All had jobs in the private sector, local or federal government,  or ran their own businesses.  They all paid taxes and wondered how 50% of the population of the US did not.  All owned houses that were worth 1/2 or less than 4 years ago.  The older couples complained about how their retirement investments had dropped in the last 4 years.  They wanted to know why gas had doubled in price in the last 4 years.  They don’t trust the media.  They were all very, very independent people who will vote. 

There is a change coming.


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Posted by on August 26, 2012 in California



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