Do They Still Print Books?

31 Aug

As a voracious “reader” I had the following brain spasm occur to me today.  As I was walking out of a supermarket, there was a small display where piles of books were on sale at deep discount.  The thought that went through my mind was “Do the still print books?”  I swear to God that is what I asked myself!

I read a local newspaper daily.  I “read” 50+ books a year via Kindle and listen to books from on my Samsung S III phone.  I read internet news, opinion, blogs and social goofiness at least an hour a day via the net on my computer(s). 

When we travel we read the local newspaper via the net and don’t miss a word and do the same daily reading via the phone and computer.

Do they really still print books?  Maybe the question should be,  Why do they still print books?


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Posted by on August 31, 2012 in California



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