Hollywood’s “Message” Turning Off Customers

04 Sep

About 20 years ago, 8 years before I retired, I read an article that said the leading movie goers were teens and retired.  I was excited about that because working 60 hours a week didn’t allow me to see many movies.  Maybe 3-5 movies a year. 

Retirement came and Libby and I started to go to more movies.  Ouch!  Talk about disappointment.  Nearly every movie had a “message” built in that was so obvious.  I am sure you can guess that it was Hollywood’s liberal message.  I had been so busy with life that I didn’t have time to notice how movies had changed.  All police, military, companies and gas powered cars were evil.  Wow.  Luckily, we now have a 52 inch TV with Netflix in Hi Def.  Add to the great “old” movies, we can watch some great English dramas like Downton Abbey and Doc Martin.  Pop Corn isn’t $8 bucks at home either. 

So how has Hollywood done since they make sure their message is more important than the movie content?

Domestic box office revenues also are down from last summer despite blockbusters “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The number of people going to the movies dipped noticeably in North America this summer, putting increased pressure on the final four months of 2012 to bolster the bottom line.

According to preliminary estimates, 533.5 million tickets were sold this summer, down 4 percent from last year and the worst turnout since 1993. The lowest attendance before now came in summer 2010, when there were 534.4 tickets sold.

How many movies have we seen in a theater this year?  One, Harry Potter, Deathly Hollows II.  If I want to get “Hollywood’s Message”  I can just flick the channel to CNN. 

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