Pennsylvania 2013…Day 7

24 Apr

It’s a clear Wednesday morning and we all slept well.  Got the big boy up and ready for school and then Lib and I headed off for the Keystone Diner for breakfast.  Definitely a retiree hangout this time of the day.  IMG_0009 (3)

We are going to visit this morning for the James Michener museum only 9 miles from here.  He was a very prolific writer that we grew up with his books including;  Hawaii, Centennial, Source, Texas, Alaska.

It was a gorgeous drive through the rolling hills from one valley to another.  The 9 miles were IMG_0010 (2)two lane roads with huge houses in the forests.  Arrived at the village with the museum and it was in the oldest part of town directly across from a castle.  Although theIMG_0002 (3) leaves are not completely out, the flowering bushes, tulips and daffodils are beautiful. 

We had a great time and headed for home for lunch and a short nap.

We just picked up Alex from school and now home work and dinner.  THEN to swimming lesson at the Y.  A busy little guy and therefore, busy grandparents.   

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