Seventeen Day’s Till Minnesota Time

10 Jul

We are getting excited about our upcoming driving trip to Minnesota and family.  We have done this so many times that that it is nearly impossible to find a way home that were we will see something new.  Thanks to Google maps we are heading home through Pierre, SD on highway 71 for the very first time.  We have very high expectations not only because it is the Capital of South Dakota but, it has the most expensive motels of any of our stops.

One good thing about the driving trip is that gas is cheaper any where in the United States over Cali.  Cali has a law that raises gas tax if people use less gas.  Can’t pay less tax in Cali.  Its against the law!!  We just raised gas tax 3 cents a gallon again last week.  Top in the nation.

We are going to take Libby’s Honda Accord this year as it gets between 37-40 mpg with its 4 cylinder on the highway.  With its 18 gallon tank we should be able to get through 3 states(California, Nevada, Arizona)  the first day before we fill it up in St. George, Utah for a late lunch. 

Well off to the hard days work of a retiree.  Breakfast at our favorite restaurant. 





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