Minnesota 2013, Day 2, Sunday

29 Jul

Up at 6 a.m. and had a light breakfast in Beaver, Utah and headed up the highway early on Sunday morning.  The sky was blue, the rain clouds had disappeared and highway 15 was nearly empty.  Even though we have traveled interstate 15 many times, this morning was something special.  The animals were grazing in the green pastures right up to the towering mountains.  Deer were mixing with the cattle and we know why the Mormon’s settled in the valley’s of Utah.  Truly God’s country.  The people keep their homes and property so clean and perfect.  Lots of pride in where they live and who they are. 

2013-07-28 18.58.27We cruised through Utah…by-passing Salt Lake City…and loped into Evansville, Wyoming to fill with gas and grab a bite at Wendy’s.  The Honda made 37 mpg again and is running like a top.  The 2012 Accord with the 4 cylinder seems just about a perfect vehicle for these road trips.

As we rolled  through Wyoming on highway 80, the empty high plains changed to a busy area of oil and gas wells.  Saw a bunch of prong horn antelope herds.  Add to that huge windmills and even some solar panels.  Thank goodness for Wyoming as states like California can act like they don’t have to drill oil shale or have electric production plants.  We just import it from Wyoming and say how wonderfully green we are.  Next, water from the Great Lakes to California! 

We arrived at Rawlins, Wyoming and checked into our hotel.  What a busy town!  Motels are very expensive as 2013-07-28 18.34.58the demand by “Rough Necks” working in the gas and oil fields drive up the prices.  They sleep in shifts…6 guys per room in 3 eight hour shifts.  They also serve healthy amounts of food.  For example, Penny’s Diner.

The hotel behind the diner is new, clean, and $185.00 a night.  Things booming here as Obama hasn’t been able to shut down energy production here in Wyoming. 

The food served here is about as hardy as the rough necks working the fields. 

Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes.  People working here and are happy and productive.

Getting ready for a long walk.  Free breakfast included in the motel bill tomorrow morning.  Wonder what that will be like?

Great Day 2.    

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