Minnesota 2013, Day 3, Monday

30 Jul

What a great day!  We took off from Rawlins, Wyoming after a great night of sleep and a breakfast at the Diner.  We drove through two states;  Wyoming and South Dakota over 530 miles.  The Honda out did itself today.  Nearly all of the 500+ miles were on 2 lane highways on cruise control at 65.  Are you ready?  41.4 mpg!  Crazy.  This is a full size Accord.  Who needs a battery powered car?

2013-07-28 20.17.33Wyoming and South Dakota are green.  Lots of rain and creeks and rivers are full.  There are so many deer and prong horned antelopes around that it is unbelievable.  Last night I was walking about a block from our hotel in Rawlins and what did I see?  A young doe deer.  Wasn’t a bit afraid of me and walked into a storage lot and started eating grass.  The prong horns are so fat that I am worried that prairie dogs might catch them. 

Had one of our best meals of our trip tonight in Pierre, SD.  We ate at a Italian Restaurant called “Redrossa.”  Great food.  Tomorrow, 5 hours to the folks in Minnesota. 

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