Minnesota 2013, Day 4, Tuesday

31 Jul

We work up early..6 a.m…at Pierre, S.D..  We looked out of the window and there was very heavy fog outside.  Figured it was ground fog from the Missouri River which was just 100 yards from the hotel.  Wrong about that.  After filling with gas, we drove 100 miles in the fog.  Not comfortable driving at all but luckily little or no traffic on two lane HI way 85. 

We drove till we hit a town of called Redfield.  It was a slowly dying town that at one time was 8000 souls.  Now it was 3000 people and the down town is now only 1 1/2 blocks long.  The main importance of the town is it pheasants.  The area around Redfield was seeded with the Chinese pheasants early in the last century…first place in US.  The town in hunting season jumps to 6000 people who come every year to harvest the peasants.  As we were driving through the area, there were pheasants everywhere. 

We found a bakery, according to the owner, one of only 5 remaining small time bakeries in South Dakota.  He is says he will be retiring in 3 years and then there will be four. 

Arrived at Dad and Mom’s house at 1:30 pm and unpacked and brother Dave and Kathy arrived with Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Hit the sack early at 9 p.m.

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