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Day IV, Touring the Coast Around Fort Bragg

Up a 6 a.m. in the morning listening to the moaning of the buoy in the harbor’s mouth.  Libby’s calls the sound eerie but I think it more of a relaxing sound. 

2013-11-02 08.57.56We made some coffee and got ready for the day and headed out for the top breakfast restaurant on this part of the Mendocino Coast, the Egg Head.  Fresh Dungeness crab right off the boat, fresh salmon again right off the boat and fresh wild mushrooms.  All available in their special omelets.  Been around since 1976 and even at this time of the year, lines out the door.  Oh yes their décor is all Wizard of Oz. 

Then off we go down the coast to the little city of Mendocino.  We enjoyed our couple of hours there and mostly talked to people in the little shops.  They all say that there are few jobs left on this part of the coast except for tourism.  The logging 2013-11-02 12.44.16and fishing industry are about gone due to the government regulations on these two industries.  Wonder if tourism will go away too when the government starts charging drivers taxes on each mile they drive.  That is just around the corner in California. 

We went to the Mendocino Botanical Gardens.  We walked a mile or so through the gardens to the ocean which was overcast when we arrived.  Then, fog slowly disappeared as Libby and I had a picnic lunch looking over the Pacific. 

Just woke up from a nap and getting ready to pack for our trip home tomorrow.  Heading out shortly to a Mexican restaurant for a bowl of Albondigas Soup.  Great day on the California Coast. 

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Day III, Drive to Fort Bragg

We were standing in the deep fog on HI way 1 at Fort Bragg.  The completely clear vistas of the Pacific are gone. 

We left this morning from our motel and it took me…with Libby’s help…10 minutes to get out of our parking space as a full size pickup parked next to me at a 45 degree angle.  He must have been drunk.  We finally got out and it was like going from the frying pan to the fire.

We got on hi way 17 and crossed the pacific range of mountains at rush hour.  Crazy a—drivers!  We stayed alive some how and then drove our way out of the bay area on 880.  I don’t recommend it to anyone.  And people think rush hour in LA is bad?

We headed up hi way 101 through Santa Rosa and then into the wine country that was full of the smell of fermenting grapes.  The vine yards are turning gold now that the grapes are picked.

We stopped at a little town called Cloverdale to have lunch.  The Eagle Deli was filled with the locals and the food was good.

Then it was 80 miles on HI way 126 a two lane twisting highway through California oaks, wineries, and finally huge redwood trees.  We made the coast and it was 20 miles to Fort Bragg.  Great day of impromptu travel.   

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Day II, Up the Coast to Half Moon Bay

We slept 9 comfortable hours, had breakfast at a restaurant in downtown with I must say was just average.  We stopped at Costco for some clothes I forgot and then about 11 a.m. to Half Moon Bay. 

It was only 55 miles, so we stopped at the Pigeon Light House and Pescadero and its goat farm.  The lighthouse was very special in the stunning fall weather.  The goats were fat and sassy and we have some great goat cheese. 

Finally we stopped at Sam’s Chowder House in Half Moon Bay.  Oh my God was the clam chowder and the fish and chips good.  There is some great food up here in NoCal. We walked along the beach and talked about how good how good our life has been.  

Quiet evening at the hotel and off tomorrow for Fort Bragg and the big Red Woods. 

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Day 1…The Drive to Santa Cruz

We left about 7:10 a.m. and arrived in Santa Cruz at 1:05 p.m..  We stopped on the top of the Grapevine(Gorman) for breakfast.  Seems like an egg McMuffin tastes pretty good on the first day of a trip. 

Stopped for a pit stop on Hiway 5 and then cruised into NoCal.  We cut over through the mountain pass in to the odiferous Gilroy where they are harvesting their famous garlic.  We stopped in a little farm town and filled with gas…$3.61.  The Honda got 32.0 mpg which is not bad.

We were starving when we arrived and has some great Thai food right on the beach.  We unpacked and took a short nap and about 7 p.m. tonight we are heading to a famous local Italian restaurant called Lillian’s.  Let you know soon how it was.

Oh yes!  That was one of the best American-Italian meals we ever ate.  Sunday gravy, meatballs over hand made pasta.  Now to bed.

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