Day 1…The Drive to Santa Cruz

01 Nov

We left about 7:10 a.m. and arrived in Santa Cruz at 1:05 p.m..  We stopped on the top of the Grapevine(Gorman) for breakfast.  Seems like an egg McMuffin tastes pretty good on the first day of a trip. 

Stopped for a pit stop on Hiway 5 and then cruised into NoCal.  We cut over through the mountain pass in to the odiferous Gilroy where they are harvesting their famous garlic.  We stopped in a little farm town and filled with gas…$3.61.  The Honda got 32.0 mpg which is not bad.

We were starving when we arrived and has some great Thai food right on the beach.  We unpacked and took a short nap and about 7 p.m. tonight we are heading to a famous local Italian restaurant called Lillian’s.  Let you know soon how it was.

Oh yes!  That was one of the best American-Italian meals we ever ate.  Sunday gravy, meatballs over hand made pasta.  Now to bed.

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Posted by on November 1, 2013 in California, food



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