Day III, Drive to Fort Bragg

02 Nov

We were standing in the deep fog on HI way 1 at Fort Bragg.  The completely clear vistas of the Pacific are gone. 

We left this morning from our motel and it took me…with Libby’s help…10 minutes to get out of our parking space as a full size pickup parked next to me at a 45 degree angle.  He must have been drunk.  We finally got out and it was like going from the frying pan to the fire.

We got on hi way 17 and crossed the pacific range of mountains at rush hour.  Crazy a—drivers!  We stayed alive some how and then drove our way out of the bay area on 880.  I don’t recommend it to anyone.  And people think rush hour in LA is bad?

We headed up hi way 101 through Santa Rosa and then into the wine country that was full of the smell of fermenting grapes.  The vine yards are turning gold now that the grapes are picked.

We stopped at a little town called Cloverdale to have lunch.  The Eagle Deli was filled with the locals and the food was good.

Then it was 80 miles on HI way 126 a two lane twisting highway through California oaks, wineries, and finally huge redwood trees.  We made the coast and it was 20 miles to Fort Bragg.  Great day of impromptu travel.   

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