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Late Summer Beach Week – Day 1

As July disappears into August, we received a call from our kids in San Diego to drive down…181 miles from the desert.  It was 0917 in Palmdale when we left today and it already 89 and was headed up to a dry 104.  Our house was a hive of activity as four plumbers were pulling long roils of plastic pipes into position to thread them into the many holes they had cut into our walls to completely re-pipe our two story house.  A20140711_114612_Android second leak in the foundation forced us into this drastic measure. 

Our 180 mile drive was fast and smooth and before stopping at our kids house to unload, we rolled into Ocean Beach and ordered a big bowl of our favorite Pho’ from a Vietnamese Noodle House(OB Noodle House).  We agree with Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives that it makes the best Pho’ anywhere..  Big bowl of tender noodles with shredded chicken in homemade beef broth.  You can tell Libby is enjoying the food.

Rolled into the kids apartment and unpacked and took a two hour nap.  It was hot for San Diego…78…but a nice sea breeze.  Think I will hit the pool this evening after my walk. 

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