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Goodwill Donation Center Declares State of Emergency

Goodwill Donation Center Declares State of Emergency

Not about travel but great piece of writing. One needs a sense of humor while you are on the road.

A local Goodwill Donation Center recently contacted the Departments of State and Homeland Security, as well as calling any other important people whom they could find phone numbers for on the internet, claiming that their store had entered a state of emergency.

1255272358_848ec2b2d5_bThe source of the emergency was a donated 1962 National Panasonic AM/FM radio (pictured on left). A Goodwill employee stated, “The radio works. It actually works. Like you turn the knobs and sound comes out. It was really terrifying.  This isn’t the place to bring stuff like that. This is where you bring junk, not stuff that anyone can actually use. I’m still shaking just thinking about it.”

Apparently, the music from station K-Rock 96.7 FM terrified everyone at the donation center. Most employees have worked there for 10+ years and have never encountered an actual functioning electronic device. Another employee stated, “Once I got over the shock of…

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Packing for Paris!

old folksWe are starting the packing for our 10 days in France.  This will be our 12th trip to Europe and we have enjoyed each one.  Must be truthful now.  We have put off visiting France as unfortunately the French people have a “reputation” on how they treat their tourists.  We have a number of friends who visited France.  In general they love the country, the food, the sites BUT, the French people are another issue.  The best we have heard was they were tolerated and the worst, they were treated badly.  

We do not have high expectations as neither of us speak French, only English and Spanish.  Hopefully we will blend in like the weeks we spent each in Italy, Germany, Poland, Holland, Belgium, England, Ireland and Switzerland. 

I have been reading books on why the French are French;  Their love for their central government, food, and historical attractions.  Enough for now, France here we come.

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Late Summer Beach Trip, Days 7-8

The kids made it home mid-afternoon on Wednesday and we headed off to each at a pizza restaurant that everyone can order its own pizza.  Great stuff;  Pieology. 

To bed early, out on the road early and home by noon.  The eight days went too fast. 

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Late Summer Beach Trip, Day 6, Tuesday

SAM_0143They have done more with less at the San Diego Zoo than any other amusement park.  100 acres in an arroyo with some animals who are usually sleeping when we are awake, lots gift shops and fast food places with the dishes named after animals. 

The place is always full for around $50.00 a head but there is free parking!  Get there a 9 a.m. when it opens SAM_0156and ride the tour bus for 45 minutes up and down the hills and see some of the animals without huge lines.  Can’t imagine what weekends are like there.  The last time we visited the zoo there wasn’t the dire warnings about global warming at every turn, think it was global cooling back then.  A must while you are in San Diego but think we’ll wait or the next visit till the great grand kids come along.  Lets see, I will be in my early 90’s. 

We got home and slept for two hours and now kick back the rest of the evening.  Well maybe not.  Needed some stuff from Costco and of course Ikea.  What a way to end the day. 

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Late Summer Beach Trip…Day 5, Monday

breakfastatbeachUp late, 630 a.m. and Alex was waiting for us.  We are heading off early for Mission Beach to enjoy the sun, sand and sea.  Things started out by eating breakfast at the beach.  The look Alex is giving his grandma is fun. Waffles for Alex and pancakes for grandma. 

SAM_0130Then, out to the beach.  The the sun was out early and it was a gorgeous day.  Alex was riding the waves and had some long runs on his bogie board.  melandlib

Grandpa and grandma enjoy the sun and surf watching their oldest grandson. 

After three hours on the beach we headed home to shower and then headed out to uptown San Diego to do some grocery shopping and eating at Alex’s favorite lunch place, Panera’s Bread. 

Tomorrow is famous San Diego Zoo.  Nearly have him completely spoiled. 

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Late Summer Beach Trip…Day 4, Sunday

Up around 6 a.m. and it was still deeply overcast but rain had stopped.  Breakfast at home and then off to church.  We picked up lunch at the #1 ranked restaurant in all of San Diego, Phil’s BBQ.  Yep, a  BBQ joint is #1 in 4040 restaurants. 

Our daughter headed off to LA to pick up our son-in-law from the airport.  He had spent the last eight days with family and on business and now they are heading for Palm Springs for a three day conference and we have our grandson.  Spoil the kid time! 

Took off in the evening for a three mile walk to explore the area.  Many expensive condo’s, apartments, golf courses sitting below UC San Diego.  Sweated through my clothes in the high humidity.

Quiet evening with grandson and day four ends. 

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Late Summer Beach Trip…Day 3

Saturday a catch up day.  Took my grandson on a walk…mile…to his favorite bakery, Rose’s Donuts where we loaded up with croissants and donuts of course.  Overcast, 70 degrees and there was a bicycle race on the front street of the condo.  Bicycles are  big in San Diego.  Washing clothes and grocery shopping and eating in today.  Think I will look for place to eat tonight though.  

20140802_174630_AndroidCan you believe it?  It rained most of the day here in20140802_172701_Android San Diego.  Never saw the sun and with the temperature around 78, it was humid.  We headed out late afternoon for a top restaurant in the University Heights district called Carnitas Snack Shack. It is ranked in the top 20 out of 4000+ San Diego eating places and the food is great!  All swine all the time except for one duck dish.  You eat outside and there is a new menu every day based on availability of fresh local food.  The eating area is full of raised garden of vegetables and flowers.  Fun place.  

We then drove to the South Park area of town and talked to the folks walking their dogs and restaurant owners looking for customers.  Lots of small shops and restaurants that felt very safe.  Heading back there one day soon. 

Very kick back day in preparation for taking over full time responsibility for our eight year old grandson for the next 4 days. 

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