Late Summer Beach Trip…Day 2, Friday

02 Aug

Just up from a a deep refreshing sleep that lasted at least 8 hours.  The weather outside is totally overcast and 70 degrees.  Us “Desert Dogs” think the humidity is outrageous but its good for the skin I’m told. 

Lets finish up yesterday.  Did a long walk in the the neighborhood and saw my grandson’s favorite donut shop, Rose’s.  It was full of U of San Diego students which is right above our current abode.  When I arrived back home, it was the pool with my grandson.  Great way to end our first day on the trip. 

Today, here we go.  Heading for Sunset Cliffs to get a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and a glimpse of Japan.  A long walk up and down the cliffs to make room for  Ocean Beaches’ Hodad’s, another Diners, Drive-in and Dives, favorite.  A “Guido” burger is in my future.  Then home for a nap…a walk to the San Diego Trolley to see the Padres baseball game. Busy day!


We headed up to Sunset Cliff’s Park early this morning for a look at the gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean.  The million $ houses that line the coast and the wildlife in the ocean make it all worthwhile.  We walked about 2 miles skirting the cliffs that had already slid into the ocean.  It was overcast and around 70 degrees and just the smallest of winds coming off the water. 

We jumped back into the the car and drove the mile or so to Hodad’s Restaurant which is now a famous landmark for its burgers and onion rings.  If you don’t mind a 30 minute wait and the grunge beach atmosphere, this is the place for you.  Great burgers.

A ten minute drive back to the kids condo, a nap and now preparing for the baseball game at Petco Stadium.

SAM_0103We walked the 1/3 of a mile to the trolley station and hopped on for the 20 minute ride to the Petco stadium.  The train was full to the gills with people, standing room only, and $1.25 each way for seniors it was a deal. 

We arrived at the stadium and our group entrance was on the opposite side of the train station so a long walk.  We headed into the stadium and of course the seats SAM_0107were in nose bleed section but what can you expect for $14.50.  The food was expensive, $65.50 for hot dogs, peanuts, soft drinks and two nachos for 4 people.  They will get you one way or another.  People were friendly and helpful and the Padre’s won 10-1 over Atlanta. 

We hopped the train back home and it was standing room only.  This time it included three intoxicated young men who were doing pull ups from the ceilings of the car and talking in a way our eight year old grandson’s eyes widened.  When asked by the passengers to quiet down they tried and apologized but two minutes later it was back to pull ups.  Its public transportation on a Friday night. 

A busy fun day in San Diego.



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