Late Summer Beach Trip, Day 6, Tuesday

06 Aug

SAM_0143They have done more with less at the San Diego Zoo than any other amusement park.  100 acres in an arroyo with some animals who are usually sleeping when we are awake, lots gift shops and fast food places with the dishes named after animals. 

The place is always full for around $50.00 a head but there is free parking!  Get there a 9 a.m. when it opens SAM_0156and ride the tour bus for 45 minutes up and down the hills and see some of the animals without huge lines.  Can’t imagine what weekends are like there.  The last time we visited the zoo there wasn’t the dire warnings about global warming at every turn, think it was global cooling back then.  A must while you are in San Diego but think we’ll wait or the next visit till the great grand kids come along.  Lets see, I will be in my early 90’s. 

We got home and slept for two hours and now kick back the rest of the evening.  Well maybe not.  Needed some stuff from Costco and of course Ikea.  What a way to end the day. 

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