Packing for Paris!

16 Aug

old folksWe are starting the packing for our 10 days in France.  This will be our 12th trip to Europe and we have enjoyed each one.  Must be truthful now.  We have put off visiting France as unfortunately the French people have a “reputation” on how they treat their tourists.  We have a number of friends who visited France.  In general they love the country, the food, the sites BUT, the French people are another issue.  The best we have heard was they were tolerated and the worst, they were treated badly.  

We do not have high expectations as neither of us speak French, only English and Spanish.  Hopefully we will blend in like the weeks we spent each in Italy, Germany, Poland, Holland, Belgium, England, Ireland and Switzerland. 

I have been reading books on why the French are French;  Their love for their central government, food, and historical attractions.  Enough for now, France here we come.

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