Goodwill Donation Center Declares State of Emergency

29 Aug
Goodwill Donation Center Declares State of Emergency

Not about travel but great piece of writing. One needs a sense of humor while you are on the road.

A local Goodwill Donation Center recently contacted the Departments of State and Homeland Security, as well as calling any other important people whom they could find phone numbers for on the internet, claiming that their store had entered a state of emergency.

1255272358_848ec2b2d5_bThe source of the emergency was a donated 1962 National Panasonic AM/FM radio (pictured on left). A Goodwill employee stated, “The radio works. It actually works. Like you turn the knobs and sound comes out. It was really terrifying.  This isn’t the place to bring stuff like that. This is where you bring junk, not stuff that anyone can actually use. I’m still shaking just thinking about it.”

Apparently, the music from station K-Rock 96.7 FM terrified everyone at the donation center. Most employees have worked there for 10+ years and have never encountered an actual functioning electronic device. Another employee stated, “Once I got over the shock of…

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