Twenty Days Away from France

06 Sep

We are well on our way for packing for our trip to France.  Its difficult to know what to pack in the shoulder season where it could be cold, warm, wet or dry.  We will do the best we can. 

Talked to some friends that spent a couple weeks in Paris recently.  They are a bit younger than we are but the husband said, “Trip was good but be prepared for things to move very sloooow.”  The wife said, “I just loved it.”

I have been doing a bunch of writing for TripAdvisor as of late.  For some reason, we have been hitting restaurants that have had exceptionally good service.  Couldn’t do enough for Libby and me.  We are interested in seeing if service in French restaurants meet up to American restaurants. 

Finally, we have been thinking about never ending instability in the Middle East and between Russia and it former satellites and how it could affect our trip, especially our flights.  We have decided to worry but to enjoy our trip.  What will be will be or  ce qui sera sera in French.

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Posted by on September 6, 2014 in Driving, gas prices, politics, service, weather



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