France…Day 4, Wednesday

01 Oct

louve venus de miloToday was the Louvre Museum.   Early breakfast, bus to the the Louvre and it was huge. 

Extremely well organized including airport like security. A beautiful building(s) that seem to have just enough antiquities that does not overwhelm the building which is a beauty to behold itself. louve lib 3
Our guide was adequate in her English but was very nervous. We scratched the highlights in two buildings. There is just so much to see that you are overwhelmed. There is a crush of people in the museum but not nearly as bad as the Versailles Palace.
The Tulleries Gardens, adjacent to the museum gives some insight on howlouve crowd the French live. It was lunch time and the office workers located around the park were eating their lunches, some even stripped down to sun bathing, others napping in surrounding we pay $1000’s to visit. Life is hard.
The Metro…underground…pops up inside the museum and in the Tulleries Gardens. Very inexpensive way to come and go. Oh yes about the underground. Clean, organized, fast and reasonably priced.

We took a long walk this evening and picked up some food to each in our room.  It was good.  Good day. 

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