(MOM)More Mom Memories…Merry Christmas

25 Dec

imageIt was a cold windy afternoon in  November and  the corn was picked and it was time to plow before the ground froze.  Dad was on the M-Farmall with the three bottom plow, I was on the H- was Farmall pulling a two bottom plow.  It was getting to be around 3 pm and it was tea time.  Sure enough, here came Mom in the car slowly driving along the dirt track to where we were plowing.  Tea, sandwiches, cookies.  Wonder how many thousands of time Mom brought lunch out to the men working in the field. 

imageMom had enough.  Brother Dave was tormenting me again… never the other way around.  Out of the house came Mom armed with a broom.  We were going to get a swat.  She didn’t see our forever favorite dog “Bobbie” who was always with Dave and I.  Thump!  The broom came down.  Snap!  Bobbie went into protective mode and bit Mom in the butt.  Mom’s fury went into high gear against that dog.  He stayed just ahead of the swing broom and headed into the grove.  Bobby go lots of treats and pets that night from Dave and I.

imageTHE COWS ARE OUT!!!!  Dad was never happy when that happened.  The troops were called out including the kids, the dog and of course Mom.  Even though we could never do any thing right according to Dad in the cow round up , we always got the cows back in.

She was one of the best bakers in the Grussing family.  Pies,image cakes, bars and cookies.  Remember her sour crème raisin pie?  How about the world famous spice cake!  Apple bars and monster cookies. If they have a dessert bar in heaven, Mom will be running it.

Miss you Mom.   


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