Its Called Competition! Watch Out for Monopolies!

04 Jan

We traveled recently to Minnesota twice for a death in the family.  Traveling to Minnesota in the dead of winter is a chore for Southern California people and it is even a bigger issue when you find that staying in a motel in a small rural town(Willmar, Mn 19,000) costs more than staying in Minneapolis or on the beach in Southern California. 

You say, “How can that be?”  Its called competition.  It is difficult to find out just how many hotels there are in Willmar but I did find out on their “hotel row” all three hotels were owned and operated by one entity.  I believe we stayed in the cheapest hotel with a national name and paid $100 + tax.  The two other hotels were more expensive with their pools and  breakfast bar.  Oh yes, none of the hotels were full.

We stayed two nights in a upscale national chain hotel in Bloomington within five miles of the airport and Mall of American for $75 + tax.  We just made reservations at a national chain hotel across  the street from the beach in Ventura, CA. for $72 +tax. How can that be  you say?  “Competition of course.”

I would love to know what the company who is running the three hotels in Willmar is netting in profit.  Maybe they will buy up the rest of motels in town. 




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