Great Cali Vacation!

06 Jan

“Traveling Retired” was started to document the world, we have and will see, through the eyes of inveterate travelers who just happen to be retired…us.

San Francisco homelessWe live in one of the most visited places in the world(California) and often take for granted everything we have out here, ocean, mountains deserts and great cities. 

We have had to take some places off our visiting list like San Francisco and Oakland as we were accosted by aggressive panhandlers the last two times we visited.  Not worth taking the chance. Weather, drugs, mental illness, generous welfare and  political support with laws such as the “homeless bill of rights” encourage the huge homeless population in the Bay area.

With that said, California is a great place to visit and we have had fun helping our friends and family from out of state visit what we consider the safest and best places in Cali.  Currently we are looking forward to having family from Minnesota arriving for a week.  They are great planners and know what they want to see.  Hollywood, the beach, the desert, great restaurants.  They already have seen the usual tourist things like Disneyland. 

parkers light houseThey are heading for Ventura and Santa Barbara for the beach experience and have found great prices for hotels.  They are staying with us for a couple of night for desert experience.  Will be inviting them to a college basketball one night.

They will be taking their son to an outstanding sea food place, Parker’s Light House in Long Beach, that will cater to his taste for crab.  The Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific are right next door as well. 

Of course their rental car is key to enjoying a SoCal vacation.  Doesn’t this sound like fun?  More on this later. 

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