Condolences to the People of France

07 Jan

When we heard that Paris had a very serious terrorist attack today we were sad to see how easy it was for the the “Allah Akbar” terrorists to murder 12 or more people in broad daylight.  However, we were not surprised. 

We spent 10 days in Paris a couple of months ago and really enjoyed our stay and the people a great deal.  The city is very open with very few police seen and many of them were unarmed and must say obviously out of shape and well into their 50’s.  Every now and then you would see three military types marching in formation fully armed with automatic weapons that the Parisian laughed about as “window dress.”  Hopefully there may have been undercover police that we did not see. They had lots of cameras but cameras alone cannot stop terrorism.  Libby and I mentioned how “soft” Paris seemed to be for a terror attack and here it is.

Many pro gun control people until today said, “Don’t worry, you can’t get guns in Paris because of their strong gun control laws.”  Woops only the criminals and terrorists can get them. 

The masked, black-clad killers whose Paris attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo today took 12 lives were carrying Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles. The scary thing in France, where gun-control laws are far stricter than in the U.S., is that their weapons choice wasn’t surprising.  Semi-automatic and automatic firearms are banned, but that hasn’t stopped drug dealers and terrorists from acquiring them in increasing numbers, according to the National Observatory for Delinquency, a state body created in 2003 by then-Interior Minister and later President Nicolas Sarkozy. The numbers of illegal weapons in France have increased by double digits for  years, the body says.

With open borders…although not as open as ours…France will continue to be a soft target for terrorist.  Condolences to the French.  Might be time for them to take a hard look at their current laws and what they are spending their taxes on. 

Is it time to protect our borders and stop trying to push more ineffective gun control legislation…can you say Chicago and Paris?

Will this stop our travel?  No.  Just what the Terrorist would love.


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