Thoughts About Traveling in France

09 Jan

Things in France are not getting better with the Muslim terrorists.  Now there two hostage situations.  Five women and children in resturant lib mel2one hostage situation.  A lot of blood there soon?

Because Libby and I are just back from Paris and have been in the areas currently involved, this seems very close to us.  The Jewish district in Paris was just closed down.  The Jews are always on the forefront on the hate of of the Muslims.  Sad.  A beautiful and active area that is full of energy and happiness.  Will the gay district be next?  They are hated by the Muslims as well.

We will be going back to visit France, no questions but will police in Paris be allowed to carry guns and protect themselves, citizens and tourists? 

Sky News reporting the French police went in to take out the terrorist brothers.  Now Sky News says six explosions in hostage situation in Jewish district as well.   Wonder if this occurred in the US would our current leaders have approved this police involvement or blamed the police for it all? 

Happier times in Paris.

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Posted by on January 9, 2015 in France



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