Reverse Travel! The Family is Here.

14 Jan

Amie and her family arrived last night about 930 pm after a great flight from Minnesota and a horrendous two hours of LA traffic!!  Stop and go, stop and go in the dark in a rental car on strange freeways.  You gotta be a tough traveler to take that and they did.  Sure good to see them.

They are sound asleep as I write this and I don’t expect to see them for awhile as they need to let a restful night revitalize them. 

Have a fun day planned for them.  Fresh waffles from sister Connie’s waffle maker and bacon for breakfast.  An educational(geology, zoology and botany)trip up into the mountains(5000+ft) to see the Devil’s Punch Bowl which shows some of the most interesting twisted rock formations caused by earthquakes.  Doubt we will see the mountain lions, bears etc. in the cold weather but one never knows.  Then of course the high desert Joshua trees.   Sound familiar Rhynda, Tisha and the Simonson’s?   Sorry guys, dinner at the world famous In and Out Burger. 

Maybe a restful afternoon and then we are headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant where we will meet Jeff and his family.  We have reserved their private back room so we can eat and visit in private.  Risa and her family are all back in school and work and couldn’t make the 150 mile trip from San Diego unfortunately. 

Should be a fun day!

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Posted by on January 14, 2015 in California, Minnesota



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