Busy Day for Amie and Her Crew in the Antelope Valley

15 Jan

After a long and restful night of sleep, the Minnesota family 20150114_111100fortified themselves with  waffles, bacon, OJ and coffee at our place.  Of course they came down with their shorts and tee shirts ready for a long day they had planned to explore and to the enjoy the sites and food of the AV. 

The sun was stunningly bright in the high 30’s in the morning…it did go up to nearly 70 during the day.  This photo was overlooking the AV from the Aqueduct 20150114_123854less than a mile from our home. 

We headed of to our world famous Devil’s Punch Bowl about 5000 feet in the mountains that are covered with snow.  There was a three foot long rattlesnake at the ranger station in a glass cage that looked like it was sleeping.  That was until he/she saw the Minnesota crew.  It then slowly raised itself to nearly two feet up it’s cage begging for “Bite of Minnesota????”No one felt that being eaten by a rattle snake was on their agenda.

After a short hike that did not show any more snakes, bears, mountain lions etc.  We headed for the In-and Out Burger.  Great food!

We headed home and Jeff and his kids were waiting for us for a visit.  In almost no time at all we headed off for our final meal of the day at our favorite Mexican Restaurant who gave us their private back room where we enjoy great food and a visit with Amie’s family, Jeff and his family and us old timers of course.  Great evening. 

Amie and her family are heading out this morning for the pacific ocean and a great resort hotel right on the beach in Oxnard, California.  They will have a great time and we will miss them.  Sure glad they came to visit. 

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Posted by on January 15, 2015 in California, Minnesota



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